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A movement can start with the simplest of actions...

Although we only moved to Phuket in July, we have been visiting as a family for more than 15 years. Phuket is a special place that has so much beauty. Gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and an abundance of wildlife on land and in the sea. But that beauty is under threat. 

Over the years we have noticed an increase in the rubbish that has washed up on the beaches, and not just during the rainy season. That is a very worrying sign, as it means the volume of man-made waste in the oceans is increasing.

Today Audrey and I decided to do something about it, and we established The Phuket Beach Conservancy. Working with the local community, businesses and tourists, we aim to protect the beaches and oceans of Phuket.

We know this is no easy task. But by working together to educate the young and the old as to the importance of recycling and reducing the use of plastics and polystyrene, and adopting a greener way of living, we hope to help them better understand how much Phuket's natural beauty contributes to their own social and economic well-being.

From regular Beach Comber Days up and down the island, to presentations to local schools and Phuket-based businesses encouraging a greener way of living, this not-for-profit organisation aims to see Phuket's beaches free from litter, no matter the season.

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