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Our first Beachcomber day...

With a day off school, it was the perfect opportunity for a walk with the dogs along the length of Bangtao beach. And for some beachcombing too!

​With the help of Edwin we collected 3 bags of litter, including Red Bull bottles, bottles of water (most likely from hotel guests), discarded noodle packets and soy sauce bottles, as well as lighters, shoes, gloves, and even a hypodermic needle. Worrying stuff.

Hypodermic needle

With no more bags to fill, we placed what we had collected in the rubbish bins outside the Angsana Resort.

What was very disturbing about the litter, is that it appears that the hotels do very little to clean the beaches, unless it is right outside there entrance. Even then they appear to collect more leaves that have fallen from tress than actual rubbish.

A little selfish I think, considering they drive huge corporate profits from the public beaches of Phuket and beyond.

Time to get the hotels involved.

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